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from tumblr:…

"Fill out your responses to the following prompts. Bragging is allowed and actually encouraged. The only rule is that you can't use "nothinggg" or "I don't know" as an answer! Also, you can repeat answers if you're stumped."

Name: Hannah
Age: 20
One thing you like about your physical appearance: My crazy broken nose! (I used to hate it, but now I wouldn't have it ~any other way~)
Three things you like about your personality:
- I care!
- I am pretty understanding
- I speak up when it counts
Something people always compliment you on: My art stuff
Your best subject in school: …Art, haha
The best thing you've ever done for yourself: Cleaned up my act in high school so I could get into UNCSA
A time when you achieved something you personally considered meaningful: Finishing my Intensive Arts piece at UNCSA ;_;
A time when you achieved something that was publicly acknowledged, to any extent: I have a dumb personal answer for this so instead: In 5th grade I won second place in my school's civic oration contest!
A personality flaw that you have grown out of/are trying to grow out of: Ohhh, anger issues, definitely. See, none of you believe me that I was once a mean unstable lass, but that is just proof of how well I have been doing! :B
Three things that you are undeniably great at: aaaugh this one is hard to answer!
-being a teachers pet (blessing? Curse?)
-PWNing BS-ers in critique
-buhhhhh drawing things realistically (it's the cartoons I have trouble with!)
One special talent/quirk you have that doesn't quite have a place in a job/school setting: I can do that creepy eye vibratey thing
Do you have a fun injury/scar story that is totally unique to you? (you don't have to answer this one if you don't want to): I broke my nose by trying to be strong! I tried to stab a horseshoe stake into the ground but it just bounced up in my face.
Do you like yourself: aaaaaaugh. yes. FINE.

everyone do this! appreciate yo'self C:

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tvayisnihyaami Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011

i thought it would take like a week to get your response for some reason
how is your summer going?
FlashofMauve Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
My summer is good! Very relaxing. I hope you are having a good summer as well!
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